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Central Illinois Web Design Services

Hi, My name is James Allen. I have 14 years of experience in web design, website development and, internet marketing. Whether you need custom website design and development or you just need help marketing your business effectively online, I can help.

I specialize in developing professional online marketing solutions for small and
medium sized businesses in Central Illinois at freelance rates. Well below the prices of a web design firm with a lot of overhead costs, my services make it possible for even the smallest local business on a tight budget to gain targeted leads for their business online. Please, feel free to browse my website and contact me with any questions.

Website Marketing For Beginners

Dozens of website designers in central Illinois can "design" a website. Unfortunately, many business owners will over pay for web design and marketing services or be persuaded to buy "package deals" that are not suited for their online marketing needs. Some will hire a freelance web designer that cannot deliver a marketable website or be scammed by outright frauds offering cheap web design prices that will disappear with your deposit.

In todays economy, affordable advertising is more important than ever before. More and more business owners are looking to utilize the internet in hopes of achieving adequate marketing coverage at an affordable rate. Many small to medium sized business owners turn to freelance web designers to design a website for their businesses instead of paying un- affordable fees that web design firms charge.

With so many freelance web designers in Illinois, it is very easy to find a web designer that is willing to "design a custom website for an affordable fee", but...

Are the "affordable web design services" being offered going to meet your business' needs?

This vital question is often not addressed by freelance web designers eager to land your web design project.

The term "web designer" is often misinterpreted by business owners that are new to advertising online. They are often under the impression that hiring a freelance web designer is the only step they need to take in order to have a website designed and published online for their business. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

By definition, a web designer is a graphic designer that specializes in creating the visual components(graphics) for a website. A web developer or programmer, then takes the graphics created by the web designer and programs a website based on them. Unfortunately, the fact that there are two major skill sets required to produce a website does not automaticly create a larger budget to hire a web developer too.

Many freelance web designers also have development skills and will include development with the websites they design as a package deal in order to provide small to medium sized businesses with an affordable and "complete website solution". While a designer with development skills can offer a complete website solution, they are often lacking in the third skill set required to produce a website that will gain your business the maximum returns for your advertising dollars.

Internet Marketing

The third and most important skill set needed for a successful online advertising campaign for your business is internet marketing. Aside from traditional marketing knowledge, internet marketing requires technical skills and up to date knowledge of social trends online. This is why a web design firm usually consists of 3 or more people, one professional dedicated to each of the three skill sets required to meet a business websites needs.

The best solution for a business without a huge budget is to find a freelancer that offers central Illinois web design, development and, internet marketing(SEO, PPC, Social Networking etc..) services. These types of people are often refered to, in the IT world, as a webmaster. Be sure to contact references that any potential freelance web designer gives you, and don't be afraid to ask the web designer questions about their experience and what services are included with the websites that they design at "affordable prices".